The JNT Bestim unveils a rich mid-term report

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The JNT Bestim has presented its mid-term report to a jury made up of members of ACTA’s Scientific and Technical Orientation Council (COST), the Scientific Councils (CS) of the Chambers of Agriculture, the ONVAR and the Agricultural Cooperation and representatives of the french Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty (DGER, DGPE and DGAL). This mid-term review included a report of around thirty pages and an oral presentation.

After 3 years in operation, our RMT has achieved a great deal. The first is the involvement of many members in the various working groups, communication initiatives, plenary sessions, etc., which give life to the RMT and the concept of agro-ecological immunity. You can find out more by reading the materials for this report, which are available on our website.

We are awaiting the jury’s opinion on our results. This opinion will enable us to direct our actions for the next two years of the JNT, which will be rich years whatever happens (already many meetings planned, a symposium, a book….).